It’s all about ‘Soul’!

No matter what sector your business may be based in ~ as long as it is powered by your ‘soul’ intentions ~ you will be Divinely inspired to shine in your brightest light for yourself & for others!

Shine, Shine, Shine!

I have been running my own businesses for the past 18 years & all of which were started from ‘scratch’. I didn’t have ‘spans’ of money lying around ~ in fact ~ I barely had £10 in my banking account. I started with my Divinely given thoughts ~ which I later realised were my ‘soul’ intentions ~ & this is a free gift given to us all from our Divine Creator. Once we are all in one accord with our soul, then all the rest follows. Sure, it’s a blessing to have a big bank balance to start off with ~ this would certainly assist with the ‘material’ needs on an immediate basis ~ but its not essential ~ the only pre-requisite required ~ is the attitude of ‘soul’ intentions & the desire to succeed in what you set out to achieve!

My intentions are to assist & guide you on this journey. To empower you & enable you to become ‘soul’ centred & to show you that your dreams & goals are achievable ~ if you just give them a ‘soulful’ chance to be released from entrapment.

My Soul intentions are to set you up with your online Business, structured to suit only you. This includes your fully functional & comprehensive website, loaded with all the integration gadgets you may need for your business eg: store front, online appointment booking & payment portal as well as your Facebook Page which is linked to your website. I assist you with your Business Registration, logo design, FB Cover & Profile. Whatever your online set up requirements are – together we will achieve this.

There is no limit -not even the sky can stand in your way!

I would be delighted ~  as well as blessed ~ to assist you further on your ‘soul’ based journey & guide you along your pathway!

‘If you can dream it ~ you can achieve it!’

Online Business Package Options:

Basic Preneur: Basic website, FB Page, Domain name, 3x month’s free website hosting. = £288.00

Medium Preneur: E-Commerce website (Incl. store front), FB Page, Domain name, 3x month’s free website hosting. = £577.00

Comprehensive Preneur: Fully integrated website with online booking & payment portal, Logo design, FB Cover & Profile design, FB Page, initial FB marketing boost. There will be no ‘mod con’ left unturned. Your set up is fully comprehensive with advanced plug-in’s, store front, payment currency options, FB Page Storefront. 3x month’s free website hosting & Online Business Registration = £888.00